Ward Six & Other Stories Anton Chekhov

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Ward Six & Other Stories  by  Anton Chekhov

Ward Six & Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
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“My only illness is that in twenty years I’ve found only one intelligent man in the whole town, and he’s mad. There is no illness at all, I simply got into a magic circle that I can’t get out of. It makes no difference to me, I’m ready for everything.”To be different is a disease… On the grey background you must be grey otherwise they will see you and you will be eaten.Ward No.

6 seems to be the most merciless and dark story by Anton Chekhov. With his sharp eye he could see any psychological quirks and weaknesses in human nature and showed them to the others with an implacable precision and at that he always managed to remain sympathetic.So due his unique mastery a great many modern short story writers literally followed in his footsteps.

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