The Omega Solution G.R. Ording

ISBN: 9781630042189

Published: March 11th 2013


246 pages


The Omega Solution  by  G.R. Ording

The Omega Solution by G.R. Ording
March 11th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 246 pages | ISBN: 9781630042189 | 3.39 Mb

young America physicist, Carl Bergmann, goes to Germany to study at the Berlin Institute and is caught up in World War II. Along with several other top scientists, he begins work on developing an atomic bomb in late 1943. A plan is hatched by the Abwehr, the German Intelligence Service- a plan that is to become known as the Omega Solution. The idea is to present the British government with the blueprints of an atomic bomb by a disillusioned scientist, in the hope that the British would realize they could not win against such a powerful weapon and therefore would negotiate a peace settlement.

The plan is for Bergmann to hand over an unworkable bomb design and at the same time convince the British that the Germans have a bomb near completion. However, Bergmann and the British Intelligence Service, MI-5, have a plan of their own, one that includes the Manhattan Project.

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