Fast & Hard Jackie James


Published: February 26th 2014

Kindle Edition

37 pages


Fast & Hard  by  Jackie James

Fast & Hard by Jackie James
February 26th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 37 pages | ISBN: | 10.65 Mb

Jenny seeks out bigger thrills, rougher rides and strong men to calm her inner storm. Now known as Ice, she catches the eye of the Pendragon M.C outlaws, a dangerous gang with many dark secrets.Ice is ready to be reborn and become property of Black Jack the gangs sinister leader but fate has a different idea in mind.When Slider is given Ice as a gift from Black Jack he isnt sure if he can trust her or that he even wants to call her his.

 But can Slider resist Ices curves....WARNING ADULTS ONLY This short erotic story (12000 words) contains explicit content some readers may find too offensive. Contains multiple sex scenes and general depravity and is NOT for the faint of heart!Excerpt:I move over to the kitchen bar, climb up, and start to sway my hips side to side, as I do my best stripper moves. I look at Slider and I can tell he is interested, I see his thick cock outlined in his jeans.

I call to him and he walks over to me Catch me, I say. I jump and land in his big arms. The crowd is laughing and clapping other women start to strip and dance in the center of the room.Slider takes me into his bedroom and closes the door making it slam. What the fuck was that? he asks.He tosses me on to the bed. I look into his stern eyes and smile, Just enjoying the life, I say as I sit back on my elbows. I laugh as I open my legs and shimmy out of my skirt.

Fuck it, he says. He strips off his clothes and I smile, as I know I have won him over with my body.I part my lips slightly as he climbs on top of my body and roughly kisses me. His tongue enters my mouth, my body is in over drive and I feel a jolt run down from my lips to in-between my legs. I push my hand on his bare chest and make him step back and sit onto the bed.

I can smell the salt of his skin and his musky scent. I have wanted him fuck me hard since I saw him with that other woman.He slides his coarse hand down my leg and it sends goose bumps through my body. My nipples are hard and ready to be played with. I move my hands around his back and hold tightly as he leans down and takes one nipple into his hot mouth. I moan as he bites down and sucks hard and fierce. He hungrily goes down my body until he reaches my soft shaven mound.I am glad he finally has showed interest in me, I was worried I was losing my charm.

He roughly throws my legs apart and I feel the heat from his breath as he leans in to kiss my lower lips tenderly. I close my eyes, throw my head back, and smile in pleasure as he gently teases my swollen clit. He is very skilled....

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